Products Information


APC - Uninterruptible Power Supply

APC is provider Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) to provide different business field electricity equipment. On server always need the UPS protect on power outage, that let server has enough time to shutdown the system to avoid crash.

HP (Hewlett-Packard) - Desktop, Server and Printer etc...

Most people know HP is their LaserJet printer, almost all high quality printing will hear their name. But also is Server and Desktop provider. We provide their Proliant server serial to SME customer.

IBM (International Business Machines) - Server and Storage etc..

IBM is first PC manufacturer, up to now they still provide Server, Desktop and Storage to business users. IBM also provide custom solution to SME.

Lenovo - Notebook and Desktop

Lenovo is computer manufacturer from China. Since they take over Desktop and Notebook product line, they keep increase their market share on the consumer market. They provide the good quality and services to their client.

Sophos - UTM Endpoint

Sophos has UTM solution to business client, they put network protecting, email gateway protection, anti-virus and web filtering in hardware box.


Acronis Backup Solutions

Best Integrated Disaster Recovery, Backup and Data Protection Solution for Windows, Linux, vmware, Citrix, Parallels. Provide P2P,P2V,V2V also recover on dissimilar hardware.

Adobe - PDF Document and Publishing Application

Adobe has most popular software on the word. The Acrobat Document Format (PDF) is most common the IT world. Also they has strong Desktop Publishing Application Photoshop and illustrator, both are key operation in commercial Artwork business.

RedHat - Linux Operating System

Linux is light version of UNIX. Linux don't like UNIX, most edition is free on the market. Linux system is seem as Windows Server, it can provider different network services to the same OS and free of charge.

Microsoft - Desktop, Server and Application Server System

Everyone knew Microsoft, they are OS provider. Most commercial environment will has Windows system on the daily operation. Microsoft also provide Server and Application Server. Such has email system Exchange, database system SQL.

Sophos - Endpoint(Anti-Virus, USB Device Control, Web Access Control)

Sophos provide one stop Endpoint solution to business client, we can use their Endpoint product to make the USB control, Data Encryption, Web Filtering, Anti Virus and Firewall.