PC Services Ltd had rich experience on x86 Desktop market, we building and selling the computers to business customer on HK famous computer center before year 2003. We foresee hardware is develop rapidly and also the life cycle of hardware come shorter, that made selling computer system business easy to get profit loss once the new product is come up and old stock still at warehouse. On the other hand, most business client always request help on their IT operation because they have limited resource to hire a full time technical guy attend at the office. If use internal staff to act as IT guy sometimes will conflict when the management level don't want they touch the sensitivity information such as finical data. That make IT OutSource Services can help those company.

Since year 2003, we start provided IT OutSource Services to the commercial client and also provide that had the need in the market. We use low rate, fast respond to serve our clients. Over 90% clients has good business until to now. Depend the remote technical development more mature, we start using a reliable remote access software to help client, that make respond time come fastest and flexible. Also that clarify our services job task to let client understandard our job more transparent.

OutSource Benefit

Lower Cost and Flat Rate

Client just need a package cost can enjoy the unlimited remote support, also depend the package will have regular interview.

Quick Respond

For Desktop issue respond time is Next Business Day, Server and Network issue respond within 4 Hours on Service Hours.

Equipment On Loan

If client join our option Hardware Maintenance plan, we can arrange on loan model when system failure.

Keep Out Sensitivity Data from Inhouse IT Guy

We act as inhouse IT support, all confidential data will keep away from client internal staff.

No MPF and Insurance Cost

Client is no extra MPF and insurance cost because we are not your staffs.