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1-5 Computer Users with NAS

If looking for economic solution for file sharing. Low end NAS is a choice, benefit is central the data storing and can make a regular backup. Someone will question why not use standard Windows PC to share the data? Yes we can do this but consider the PC loading and you don't want to people delete the data on the daily work on data sharing computer, use a low end NAS is better choice.

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6-20 Computer Users with Server

With the regular Server on operate environment will get good data protect and custom data access level. Compare with NAS, server cost will be highest. That cost not only in hardware also will need the Server OS. But you can expend different services on same server. When server capacity is not enough, you also can add extra hardware to improve performance but the first thing is has good planning how and when will expand.

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Our Solutions

Commercial Customer Solution

We provide different solution to commercial user from "nothing" build to "operate"

Network and Voice Cable Solution

We provide Cat5/Cat6 cabling and management device that include installation, module install binding and testing.

Firewall/VPN Solution

Enhance security to prevent hacking activity. Also build up site to site VPN to VPN connection different office for data sharing.

Dedicate Server Hosting

We has our own dedicate server to provide the share hosting. We limited domain share on same IP for guaranty the performance.

Disaster Recovery

Provide the client own disaster backup storage and allow client recovery miss data from the backup copy.